How Can You Help Someone to Stay Sober?

Addicts need professional help and visiting a rehabilitation center is just the start of the recovery process. For maintaining long-term sobriety, it is essential that the person need not only continue with the rehab, but also begin their recovery process.

The administration of any mental health services explain that actual recovery starts, when the person decides to take following action:

  1. Solves all their problems without using drugs/alcohol and not getting stressed up
  2. Realizes their own personal limitations and how to distinguish their problems from other people
  3. At least with one person they must be completely honest
  4. Takes time for restoring their emotional and physical energy, when they are fatigued

If they take all these acts after their rehab then it can be confirmed that they are in the recovery path.

How you can encourage sobriety?

Staying sober has to be a life-long journey, which is possible if family members and friends are supportive and always say few recovery inspiration quotes. After completing the addiction treatment, many of their friends or family may not really know that they can encourage recovery, and following are few suggestions to them:

  • Accept the person without judgment

You must refrain from any criticism and negative comment. Rather try to express love for the person and praise his decision of maintaining sobriety.

  • Create totally substance-free environment

Loved ones can always protect the recovering person from people who encourage drugs and should also advice the person to remain away from such places.

  • Be an active listener

Few recovering addicts will need people who listen to them, therefore try to be always available to listen their problem.

  • Encourage healthy habits

Exercising, cooking food or playing games are positive activities that the person must do with his friends.

  • Suggest joining any support group

In support groups, they can interact with many other recovering addicts and also receive encouragement

  • Be patient

The process of recovery is a long journey. People can often make mistakes during recovery, so it is important that they must know that their near and dear ones still support them even when they are totally messed up.

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