Cannabis Edibles You Should Have Served During the Super Bowl

There is no denying that the Super Bowl is one of the most highly anticipated sporting seasons of the year. Apart from celebrating the annual championship game of the National Football League, the Super Bowl also taps popular talents in the industry to perform during these games. From the recent performances of Adam Levine in the 2019 event to the iconic showstopper moments such as Beyonce’s unparalleled showcase, there is no surprise as to why this event remains number one in the history of television.

People who tune into this big of an event often hold their own traditions and celebrations in their own homes. While the multi-layer dips have once had their share of the limelight during these gatherings, now it may be time to make cannabis edibles the star of the show. Yes, the Super Bowl season will not be for another year. But before you protest, take note that it’s never too early to prepare. Why not test these treats out with your friends during your next get together, right?

If you need some inspiration, below are some cannabis edibles you may want to try:

Buffalo Wings

Start your party with a bang by making these spicy and savory snacks. A new take on the classic buffalo wings, these will certainly have your friends craving for more. Take a look at The Wellness Soldier’s recipe and you might just be inspired to tweak your own. While the recipe typically calls for a serving of cannabis butter, you might do well with a regular stick of butter infused with a few drops of CBD oil or cannabis oil. Mix your choice of butter together with your oil and you have your own ready-to-use butter any time you wish.

Steak with Chimichurri

If you are feeling a bit fancy and just want to show off your cooking skills, doing a mean ribeye steak with a side of infused chimichurri sauce will certainly do the trick. While Bong Appetit’s recipe calls for cannabis fan leaves, you could always opt to use CBD tincture or cannabidiol oil in its place. Plus, it’s guaranteed to leave you with a stronger flavor and mouthfeel later on.

Cannabis Brownies

End your gathering on a sweet note with the perennial crowd favorite – the fudgy brownies. Lace your chosen chocolate brownie recipe with a few drops of CBD extract and you’re good to go.

These fail-safe recipes will definitely be a crowd pleaser in your next gathering. May it be the Super Bowl, a cozy couple’s dinner on Valentine’s, or a friend’s birthday party, these cannabis-infused meals will surely leave everyone in your party on a high note. Pun intended.

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